03 March 2010

Another Non-Post

. 03 March 2010

OK, OK, I lied about updating. But that was to teach you about.... um.... how the internet, it is full of LIES. Yes! This was my plan.

Actually, life, the universe, and everything has been conspiring against me. Or at least blogging.

So I will update, and soon, but I don't want to set a date. BUT BUT:
* The format will be changing (we'll have reviews, commentary, guest bloggers, and contests)
* More reader interaction! (you guys can submit links/videos/artwork/online stores)
* More disturbing toilets and depravities of the internet! (......)

So I will return, more powerful than ever. Honest. OR AM I? No, this time I am.

See you after the quasi-hiatus
- LV